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We deliver across the world.


Ritu Stones ensures that your ordered items will be delivered securely so their quality will remain intact upon their arrival on your front door.

Cutting granite are well-packed in a box that is made from rubber wood. Slabs, on the other hand, are packed in a wooden crate. A polythene wrapper is used to cover the materials in the crate.

If you want to know the rate of shipping services, you can email Please mention the exact destination of the package. For local deliveries, slabs are delivered with the use of company’s trucks. Durable wooden crates are used for exporting services.

Ritu Stones offers different kinds of stuffing and packaging. For slabs, we use either loose stuffed or wooden crated cargo. For granite tiles, bevelled or calibrated granite tiles, we consider special thermocol box packing and wooden crated. Special pine wood box packing is used for special size and counters orders.

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