About us.

Ritu Stones Private Limited’s Chairman PC Jain received the prestigious, Navratna Award, from the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal, on the foundation day ceremony of Chamber of Trade and Industry(CTI) at the New Delhi Convention Center in New Delhi.

The 'Navratna' Awardee started his career in 1987, in a textile factory for a salary of Rs. 350 a month. Four years later began his own venture, ’Ritu Stones Private Limited’ in 1991. Today, Ritu Stones Private Limited (RSPL) has built its towering reputation in the industry, influencing and even commencing its major trends. RSPL has started 5 new showrooms and factories since the company first started in 1991. 

RSPL has portfolio in diversified fields like over 300 colors of Indian and Imported granite, Designer and Floor Tiles, Bathware, Sanitaryware, Steam-rooms and more under one roof.

The Brand

Welcome to Ritu Stones Private Limited. We are one of the most important and influential companies in the granite market all over India. The prime reason for that is the unparalleled expertise and measure of quality we provide. Since our birth in 1991, we have striven to fulfil the ever-growing needs of our buyers along with the almost unbelievably competitive prices. 


We have prominent clients from all strata of Architects, Interior Designers, Builders, Promoters, Contractors, Granite and Marble Traders, Housing Society, Palaces, Churches, Mosques, Temples, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Buildings, Showrooms and homes.


Ritu stones partners with some of the best companies in their specialized fields to give you the unforgettable experience you get. The companies are partnered with their ability to provide advertised quality on delivery.

The Logo

The Logo is one of the most important parts of a business and so we have designed this logo with the care it deserves.


The logo is a text 'Ritu', meaning 'seasons' in Sanskrit, under which is a line and further down is a specific company under the umbrella of Ritu Group of companies. The text 'Ritu' is written with a specifically designed uneven font which represents the core product we sell and which is further emphasised with 'Stones' under the line.


'The line' is a representation of the limit under which the quality provided is not fit for the consumer and so we continuously strive to stay above the line. 'The colours that make up the line are also the representation of the 6 seasons which depicts the ever lasting nature of our relationships and our products. We update our stock to cater to every type of customer so you won't leave empty hands once you're here.

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Granite Blocks and Quarry

Granite Blocks is the collective description of natural stone, which has been extracted from the earth in an orderly manner, further worked by cutting and processing, then used in various building activities either structurally or for decorative purposes. It includes panels and tiles from marble, granite, slate, sandstone basalt and other related materials.

The successful and economical working of granite quarries depends upon an intelligent application of a knowledge of the structure of the rock and its natural divisions in the mass, as well as upon improved methods, tools, and machinery for quarrying. The topographical location of the quarry and its relation to facilities for transportation are important factors that affect the productiveness and greatly modify the actual cost of operations in a given place.

All Across India

To make it easier for you to experience the beauty of our products we deliver our products all across the India.

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